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    Welcome to PandaCom!

    According to researchers, climate change, population growth and environmental degradation could potentially be listed in this century collapse the ecosystem irrevocably.

    We therefore deal with the efficient use of our resources and want to help with our long-term effective approaches for obtaining these resources for our and future generations.

    Imagine not even sometimes the question:

    What can I contribute to the preservation of our limited resources and our future generations and to save our ecosystem?



    There are many ways, but most are not necessarily environmentally protective or feasible for everyone on closer inspection:

    Photovoltaic / solar systems are a solution with certainty. Only one of us has a separate roof or more 10,000 - are available to take advantage of this? No.

    Also, wind or biogas plants are not feasible for everyone.

    And who calmed the Krombacher project (1 case of beer = 1m ² of rainforest), his conscience, although it has sometime landowners in South America, but at the same alcoholic ...

    • Energy saving lamps (ESL), anyone can screw into his sockets. But most do not know the ESL highly toxic mercury - the uranium of the little man - and are included in the disposal of the waste.


    Ecological sustainable development can be achieved only by the simultaneous and equal reaction of environmental, economic and social objectives. Only in this way can ensure and improve the ecological, economic and social performance of a company. These are also reasons why we are concerned with the efficient use of our resources and want to contribute to the preservation of limited resources.

    So to speak, as a guarantee of our future!